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With many excellent legal specialists in the matters of wills and probate we offer exceptional legal assistance priding on our exemplary reputation, expertise, professionalism and personalized approach to each client and their individual circumstances ensuring the most satisfactory results to exceed our clients’ expectations.

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estate planning
estate planning

Very good probate lawyer. Highly recommended. Got us everything we were looking for and then some. This is the place to go.– William Hoppe

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estate planning
Found a good lawyer if you’re going through probate. We weren’t sure where to turn, but one of our neighbors recommended this firm and we are so glad we chose them. Loved working with them every step of the way.– Vickie Gentry
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estate planning
My Trusts Estate lawyer was great to work with. I needed a simple thing accomplished and he took care of me right away. Rates are very reasonable. Would recommend 100 percent.– Jamson Walker
Estate planning lawyer

Common Questions

If a person wishes to avoid legal hustle for their loved ones and be sure that their estate and assets are distributed according to their wishes, one may want to have a will in place.

In legal terms, probate or proof of a Will is a legal procedure which determines the validity of a document as a person’s Will.

All probate matters are handled by the Surrogate’s Court located in each county in the state.

To ensure that your will is protected against any possible legal challenges involving a long, costly and emotionally strenuous process for your loved ones, one is strongly advised to seek professional legal assistance.

In short, yes. But filing a petition to contest the validity of one’s Will is a challenging enterprise which requires professional legal assistance in order to build a strong case to be properly presented it in the Surrogate’s Court of your county.